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Author Ian Phillips <phillipsic at gmail dot com>
Full name Ian Phillips <phillipsic at gmail dot com>
Date 2006-09-13 02:24:44 PDT
Message Hi.

I have only just come across SIN and it looks very interesting. I am tester
who has a personal project in PHP. The aim of my project is to get a better
understanding of the tools that are available to you developer types.
Currently I am using PHPunit and CruiseControl. I have no build as such, CC
just kicks off my tests.

My question are, does SIN replace CruiseControl? Is it simple to replace
CruiseControl with SIN.
Can I use SIN if there is no build?


Ian Phillips

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Questions and Advice Ian Phillips <phillipsic at gmail dot com> Ian Phillips <phillipsic at gmail dot com> 2006-09-13 02:24:44 PDT
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