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potential user - 2 questions


Author dk smiffs <nervesmiffs at yahoo dot com>
Full name dk smiffs <nervesmiffs at yahoo dot com>
Date 2005-10-17 20:24:57 PDT
Message I'm an enthusiastic SVN user, and am very interested
in adding CI practices to my personal toolbox. Here
are my two questions related to sin:

1) I understand from the overview docs that sin uses
SVN's "switch" capability. Is this a totally manual
process left up to the SVN user at each update/commit
cycle? Likewise, must the SVN user be aware of the
stable/checkin branches at all, or is this hidden
magic at the client layer?

2) Have the sin owners considered using an
Apache-style license instead of the GPL? Note that
SVN itself uses its more liberal Apache-style license
as a selling point over CVS (which uses GPL). I don't
mean to start a flame war here - I'm just suggesting a
SVN-style license might give sin an advantage over
other CI tools as it works to build its user base.

I applaud sin's design principle of not mandating a
build tool. At least in theory, this choice seems to
me to be the right one.

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potential user - 2 questions dk smiffs <nervesmiffs at yahoo dot com> dk smiffs <nervesmiffs at yahoo dot com> 2005-10-17 20:24:57 PDT
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