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Sin 0.1 released


Author Casper Hornstrup <ch at csh-consult dot dk>
Full name Casper Hornstrup <ch at csh-consult dot dk>
Date 2005-08-28 07:27:16 PDT
Message Sin 0.1 is available here <http://sin.tigris.or​g/servlets/ProjectDo​cumentList?folderID=​5102&expandFolde​r=5102&folderID=​0> .


Changes since Release Candidate 1


* Set status of custom revision action request to waiting when needed.

* Free integrator if it could not process custom revision action request.

* Update working directory to requested revision when allocated.

* Correct problem where working directories were cleaned too well.

* Correct case-sensitivity problem with working directories data location on Mono.

* Display added files in HTML commit emails.

* Don't allow mixed content and svn:eol-style property changes.

* Don't merge change from checkin branch for processing custom revision actions.

* Reactivate integrator after it has been inactive.

* Restart custom revision action requests at service startup.

* Mono support.

* File logging on Mono.

* Controller for starting and stopping Sin services.

* Handle " in commit messages.

* Automatically create working directories if they don't already exist on start up.

* Better handling of persistence of state in the event of power loss.

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Sin 0.1 released Casper Hornstrup <ch at csh-consult dot dk> Casper Hornstrup <ch at csh-consult dot dk> 2005-08-28 07:27:16 PDT
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